16th Notes on the Bass Drum


Learn to play 16th notes on the bass drum in a groove systematically! The basics, the right technique and coordination, many grooves and groove concepts – exploit all the possibilities with single strokes on the bass drum!


In this lesson you will learn how to use 16th beats on the bass drum in grooves! This technique will bring your groove playing to a whole new level as a beginner – but with this lesson you can also deepen the technique and benefit from the systematic approach as an experienced drummer! The use of 16th notes on the bass drum is elementary on the drum set. Learn with me from scratch and master this technique systematically!

Learn to handle the technique from a wide perspective! Play many different grooves and learn how to create and vary grooves yourself at any time!

– Systematic introduction to the topic
– Important technique and coordination exercises
– Over 20 grooves, sensibly divided into different application areas!
– Concepts with which you will learn to play the grooves solid and at any time. You will also learn how to use them independently and how to develop new grooves on your own!

– Intro
– Explanation
– Your quick start
– Notation
– Technique and coordination 1
– Grooves part 1
– Coordination 2
– Grooves 2
– Groove combinations
– Technique 2
– Groove Variations
– Advanced grooves
– Outro

– Lesson (over 60 minutes of video material!)
– Sheet music in PDF
– Lesson on practice concepts

Required skills:
– Playing grooves with 8th note hi-hats and 8th note bass drums
– Basic knowledge of reading sheet music

Target group:
– Beginners who want to learn the technique from scratch
– Advanced players who want to use the technique in a controlled manner and exploit all its possibilities
– Advanced players who want to take their sound and timing of the bass drum patterns to a new level

This lesson is part of my elementary groove concepts. Here you will learn the MOST IMPORTANT techniques and elements that we need for grooves – in almost ALL genres!


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