Gained expertise on powerful learning and practicing methods


Let me give you an insight into topics that I have dealt with particularly intensively:

  • Just an excerpt of topics we can possibly work on:
    • technique:
      • efficiency
      • control
      • performance
    • kinematics
    • sound / articulation
    • timing / micro timing
    • rhythmic – / harmonic studies
    • vocabulary
    • contemporary playing techniques
    • phrasing (positioning of rhythmic and melodic elements in the pulse)
    • composing techniques
    • song structure
    • study of styles / aesthetics
    • mental concepts:
      • boosting and retaining your motivation
      • mental structure
      • focusing
    • practice methods
    • proper handling of your equipment

In many areas I got special expertise and have developed special concepts.

Practice methods and motivation techniques are underestimated. Moreover, they can bring us extremely forward! I have worked intensively with didactics and methodology.

It is equally important to me that you get a good ( yes, also music-theoretical! ) overview of your playing! Coupled with that, you can be much more flexible and confident on your instrument.

In addition, you can recall your knowledge much better and simply bring it back in many situations. Here the motto is: “Learn for all songs, just for one!”

Furthermore I like to teach relatively conceptually. with that, we can accomplish a lot with small and larger concepts!

I can also provide insight into the specifics of many styles. Heavy metal has been especially close to my heart since the beginning. I have dealt with many subgenres and have a good insight into the recent developments of modern complex metal. Some playing techniques have developed a lot, which I like to call “contemporary playing techniques”!

Check out an example using some of these:

Guitar playthrough of Talking Tornado on Youtube!

Drum playthrough of Talking Tornado on Youtube!

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