Youtube Channel: free tipps in getting better on drums /guitar

On the youtube channel I do different formats:

  • condensed lessons on important aspects on your instrument (big things explained – in 5 minutes)
  • portaiting important playing techniques
  • tipps und tricks
  • mental coaching and talking about mental aspects when playing an instrument
  • music
  • playthroughs

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Music Academy Soundcheck on Youtube

On my journey in learning to play the music I love, I worked a lot on my skills and always tried to focus on a fast, efficient and, yes, maybe most important, pleasing way to do so!

In consequence, I developed a lot of powerful learning and practice concepts that helped a lot. I also spent a lot of time on thinking about the mental aspects of making music as well as learning itself.

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Do you want to learn more about this? Then check out the material on my Youtube Channel, now! That’s the place where I upload content on exactly these topics regularly!