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Downloadable Courses

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I’m planning to bring out compact and powerful courses for you! There will definetley be courses for beginners; in fact I got a ton of experience in teaching hobby musicians and bring the right things to them to reach their goals in an all relaxed and no pressure environment!

In addition to that I also want to bring out as many of my powerful consepts to you as possible, with that I was able to make huge progress on drums as well as on guitar myself. So stay tuned for these and as well as important: Feel free to get in touch with me rightaway and let me know what you want me to do the most!

Online Lessons

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Contact me to book a lesson. In addition to regular lessons in which we move on step by step, individual lessons are particularly suitable here, in which we can address specific topics. You can find more information about these under the heading expertise!


On youtube you can get various lessons and performances:

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Have fun!