16th note Double Strokes on the Bass Drum


In my lesson on double strokes in the groove you’ll learn how to use the technique properly from the ground up and how to get the full potential out of it! Learn how to play lots of grooves with this technique and how to create new grooves yourself at any time!


Learn the double stroke technique on the bass drum! You will only be able to play the grooves properly if you use the correct movement consistently and in any situation. We’ll start right from the beginning and I’ll demonstrate the technique in full detail, handing over important exercises to implement it in your grooves! Then, in more than 30 grooves, we will go through all sorts of positions in the 16th note grid – in combination to 8th note hi-hat strokes and the back-beat snare on 2 and 4!

Learn to use the technique properly and solidly in every situation. After this lesson you will be able to play not just a few, but any groove with 16th note double strokes. You will also learn how to play variations and create your own grooves at any time!

– Systematic introduction to the technique
– Important technical exercises to coordinate the leg movement in the groove
– Over 30 grooves with different bass drum positions, divided into different application areas
– Concepts with which you will learn to create your own variations and grooves

– Intro
– Explanation and quick start
– Notation
– Technique
– Practice Grooves
– Grooves 3-8
– Grooves 9-14
– Technique part 2
– Grooves qith single and double stroke positions
– Grooves with multiple double stroke positions
– Groove variations
– Outro

– Lesson (65 minutes of video material!)
– Sheet music in PDF
– Lesson on practice methods

Required skills:
– Playing grooves with 8th hi-hats and 8th and single 16th bass drums
– Basic knowledge of reading music
– Basic knowledge of 16th note rhythms, e.g. as fill-ins over the toms

Target group:
– You want to play certain songs (by certain bands or drummers) that feature grooves with double strokes on the bass drum?
– Would you like to learn the double stroke movement on the bass drum the RIGHT way?
– Do you want to be able to use the technique extensively and in a variety of ways?
– Do you want to be able to shape your grooves freely?

Then this lesson is the right one for you!

This lesson is part of my elementary groove concepts. Here you will learn the MOST IMPORTANT techniques and elements that we need for grooves – in almost ALL genres!


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