Hi-Hat Openings


Learn how to incorporate hi-hat openings into your grooves clean and with a good technique! Once you complete this lesson you will be able to incorporate hi-hat openings into a wide variety of grooves – at any time and with lots of variations!



In this lesson, you will learn  how to use Hi-Hat Openings in a groove from scratch. You can use this elementary technique for developing grooves in almost any genre and especially in certain styles of music! Hi-Hat Openings make grooves sound more detailed and add another dimension of dynamics. They also allow you to set small accents and play variations without breaking up the groove too much, like with fill-ins.
In this lesson we will concentrate on the use in 8th note bass drum grooves.

Learn to play Hi-Hat Openings tight and with a good technique! With this lesson you will be able to use the Hi-Hat Openings in a big variety of grooves. You will also learn how to use them freely yourself!

– Systematic introduction to the topic
– Important technique and coordination exercises
– Over 30 grooves with different Hi-Hat Opening positions, divided into different application areas
– Concepts that will teach you how to use the Hi-Hat Openings independently and how to create your own new combinations!



– Intro
– Example and technique
– Coordination
– Grooves 1-10
– Coordination part 2
– Grooves 11-17
– Concept of pushing through the Hi-Hat Openings
– Concept: Constant Hi-Hat openings
– Concept of varying hi-hat openings
– Concept of varying the bass drum pattern and the effect of Hi-Hat Openings
– Special Hi-Hat Openings
– Outro

– Lesson (60 minutes of video material!)
– Sheet music in PDF
– Lesson on practice methods

Required skills:
– Playing grooves with 8th note Hi-Hats and 8th note Bass Drums
– Basic knowledge of reading sheet music

Target group:
– Beginners who want to learn Hi-Hat Openings from scratch
– Advanced players who want to learn the whole range of possible positionings and combinations in the bar

This lesson is part of my elementary groove concepts. Here you will learn the MOST IMPORTANT techniques and elements that we need for grooves – in almost ALL genres!


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